I can't decide which is worse

๐Ÿ••๏ธŽ - 2001-02-08

"... But not me baby, I got you to save me"

"Sean "Puffy" Combs claims he's been targeted by prosecutors for being a young, black celebrity -- but that celebrity is built on a criminal image." The rap against Puff Daddy.

Author of the Korn Shell, David Korn, has been interviewed by SlashDot's readers.

A French company is developing a game where the client and the server is under GPL - only the "world" is kept under commercial control. Interesting. Maybe I will some day start playing games again, after all :-)

Apparantly they put the streetnames in the concrete on the corners of San Fransisco. Spelling mistakes are bound to appear. Someone even photographed them. Silly. Stupid. Weird. Fun. Cute. Cool. Depending on mood.

Tom LaStrange speaks!

Who knew that a review of a biography of an English philosopher would be an interesting read?

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