Honey glazed saxophone

๐Ÿ•—๏ธŽ - 2000-10-29

A D-A-D concert that ends with a combined strong-man, balance and saxophone-trick! Good show, I'd say (dinner was better still, but... :-))

The switch lead-singer/drummer during one of the songs was fun too - we knew that Laust Sonne is a multiinstrumentalist beforehand, now we know that there is more than one in the band :-)

Magnetic Ink has put up a public "Wiki" - a thing-a-majing where everybody can change all the text!

Bartleby has a bunch of dictionaries and the like online. I couldn't find the worlds shortest poem, though...

One of the authors of the new AES-encryption algorithm, Rijndael, has a short list of slightly nerdy but fun quotations (and now you know where I found the previous link :-)).

There's a somewhat peculiar interview with the above mentioned author at linuxsecurity.com...

General information about different blockciphers at "The Block Cipher Lounge".

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