🕣︎ - 2002-06-11

IDG has a brief article entitled "Snapshots from the OS front" about what governments are considering what in relation to Free Software.

Looking for handfriendly gear? Kinesis seems to have some.

Disturbing auctions... euw!

Public lettering - a walk in central London.

"Yes sir, haven't I been telling you all along that March is a horrible month? It sucks in nine-thousand ways.

But not all ways, as it turns out. No. George Plimpton was born in March, along with my son and his son, and the bastard child of Charles Manson.

Hot damn! I could go on and on about this, but that would drive us all mad. Shaquille O'Neal was spawned in March, along with Jack Kerouac, Queen Latifah, Albert Einstein and Osama bin Laden." - Doc, vivid, as always.

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