Gimme some water

🕧︎ - 2001-04-18

Somehow a link to my website got posted over at d-a-d.com. I wonder if this will account for a sudden surge in hits - the hitherto unknown "d-a-d.com-effect". I think not.

A little historical note about why stylesheets in Netscape 4.X are so horrible. Thank goodness Netscape changed course.

"From Hot Concept to Hot Site in Eight Days" over at WebTecniques... I just skimmed the article, and I didn't quite get the "state"-thing - what was the idea and why was it, excuse me, hot? Must start being more alert when reading..

Honda V65 Magna - you know you want one.

The inventor of the yellow smiley-face died recently. He doesn't look too happy on the picture.

Need to power your laptop longer? Why not use a tiny car-engine? How environmentally sound that - ahem - sounds...

:CueHack. Cute.

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