Fun with accents

🕓︎ - 2001-04-11

The Kernel Developers Summit USENIX/OSDN webcast.

More run for your realplayer (if you know Danish): "Lige Strid Nok?" - an interview with Jakob Martin Strid, cartoonist.

The Agenda PDA has hit the streets, but the unit seems to to unfinished and the reviews aren't exactly cheerful. There is a project porting an Atari800-emulator to the device, though(!)

In Germany Lisa Systems are selling a Compaq iPaq handheld with their Linux-distribution and programs on it.

Denmark in a nutshell: "Vi Tror Ikke På Geder-foreningen" (the We Don't Believe In Goats-union).

The GIMP is (obviously) being ported to the newfangled MacOS 10.

Things that go bump in the night.

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