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๐Ÿ••๏ธŽ - 2003-05-22

Water running uphill!

Get help with WinSvin!

Donald Rumsfeld - run away, run away!

Finally a world changing petition to sign!

Trend Micro has discovered that emails with the letter 'P' in them are all virus infected!

Or, is that science on games?

"If a general has a problem with his Web browser, then I fix it," Cluff says.

"How do you fix it?" I ask.

"I consult Microsoft online help," he replies. "We have Premier help," he adds


"What's funny about using Microsoft Chat," he adds with a sly smile, "is that everybody has to choosean icon to represent themselves. Some of these guys haven't bothered, so the program assigns them one. We'll be in the middle of a battle and a bunch of field artillery colonels will come online in the form of these big-breasted blondes. We've got a few space aliens, too."

From Wired: If We Run Out of Batteries, This War is Screwed.

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