Fixing spelling mistakes and typos in XMPP messages #emacs #xmpp

🕙︎ - 2020-07-25

One of the only things I like in Microsoft Teams¹ is that I can edit messages I have sent.

I often send something without noticing all the typos and spelling mistakes I have made. I have tried to be more careful, but for some reason my eyes and brain prefer to see the errors after sending.

Klaus asked if I can use XEP-308 Last Message Correction as e.g. Conversations and Gajim do, and the answer was simple: jabber.el doesn't support it.

I asked about support for XEP-304 on the jabber.el mailing list.

And then I wrote a little jabber-last-message-correction.el, which implements rudimentary support for editing the last message sent, and also shows when an incoming message is an edit of a previous one.

It feels like I am the only one using jabber.el. But after I asked if I was, two people have said they use jabber.el too, so that's good!

¹ Don't ask.

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