Feedbase year 5 #feedbase

๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2021-01-10

It's that time of the year... the fifth year of Feedbase, what happened? Well, it kept chugging along. I still like it and use it every day.

In 2020 Feedbase got nntp-connections from 536 unique IP-addresses (up from 481). Of these 240 were IPv6 addresses (up from 198). However, 113 adresses connected only once, so...

I connected 3 times as many as the second most connecting user, and the third most connecting user user connected half as many times as number two. However, the number of addresses with 3 digit number of connections is pretty high.

Currently there are 2.3 million articles (up from 1.7) and 133 follow ups (up from 116 last year). I think all the follow ups are by me.

The number of commits is up to 21, from 12 in 2019, although no new functionality was added - a bugfix for LIST ACTIVE was needed because I renamed some groups.

Here's to the next year, hoping it will be better, in general.

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