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🕥︎ - 2023-03-12

After a while, I installed emacs at home, and then my config was a hundred lines long, and then I realised that I hadn't used TextMate in months.

There are three reasons to use emacs. One, it is available on a lot of platforms. Two, it can be used for almost any task. Three, it is very customisable. I only take advantage of reason three. From this perspective, using emacs is kind of like making a piece of art. You start with a big block and you slowly chip away, bringing it closer and closer to what you want.

· Mary Rose Cook, Coder, musician - uses this (2011)

Via Emacs news 2023-03-06. Also, in the same Emacs news edition:

Neal Stephenson, on whether he still uses Emacs: "YEs, every day"

· I am Neal Stephenson, sci-fi author, geek, and [now] sword maker - AMA

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