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🕢︎ - 2000-04-16

So, I'm reading the newspaper, and I come across a huge ad: "gubi.com" - design-this, design-that, on the web. And I think: Hey, I'm hip, I'm on the net, I like design-this and design-that - so I decide to check it out. The first thing that happens is that a badly placed picture of an obviously unhappy woman pops up. For some strange reason the text says: "Seduce me". She doesn't look like that would be a good thing to try. Oh, well - I wait. And wait. And wait. And then it happens - the perfect entrance to a webshop emerges.

Somehow, though, I'm not that impressed. Strictly from a users point of view, it doesn't strike me as very friendly design. I know that some people are really fond of headers and stuff, but as the entrance??

I wonder if that was the website that Jakob Nielsen was referring to recently, when he said that customers were unable to find the "Buy"-button in certain webshops.

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