Design problem: Clarity

๐Ÿ•–๏ธŽ - 2001-01-26

Today I received a request to remove a link from the koldfront/links-page.

It's not often one hears of people who want links removed - when you do, it's usually some stupid record company that is accusing a 16-year old of doing something illegal, when she or he has a page that points to other peoples MP3 music files.

In this case it was a misunderstanding. My design seems not to convey the message of "This is a page of links" clearly enough, and the correspondent thought that I was trying to take credit for all the websites on the links page.

Besides the fact that I would probably be on board my luxurious yacht cruising around the world right now if I had made sites such as SlashDot, Salon and UseIt - just to mention a few of the sites linked - the request reveals a real communications problem.

The page can obviously be misunderstood (one person has already). If possible, I would like to improve upon the design.

But how? Feel free to email me hints.

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