December 18, 1999 #Overground

๐Ÿ•Ÿ๏ธŽ - 1999-12-18

Here is the official Calvin and Hobbes site. With a new strip on the frontpage every day. Cool.

A three door coupe?! Those americains are weird.

Haskell looks very cool: "Haskell is a computer programming language. In particular, it is a polymorphicly typed, lazy, purely functional language, quite different from most other programming languages." I know a little Miranda, but Miranda is payware, while all Haskell-implementations are free software. The transition should be easy. Debian packages are available.

Where did our favourite search-engine Google come from? Here!

Of course there is a Commodore 64 website.. CamWorld had a link to a unix for C64, but the link was a dead.. Damn!

bofhcam.. Uhm, yeah? Also: bofh.net...

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