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Finally, there seems to be a willingness to configure the cost of ease as necessary. Ease is never "Those who embrace ease may not be able to move past it" free: its gain is matched by a loss in choice, security, privacy, health, or a combination thereof. This is well represented in deployment of a large quantity of Internet software. For example, Netscape's Smart Download makes downloading easier by handling decompression automatically and resuming download if a crash occurs, but it displays advertising while doing so [11]. Microsoft Outlook uncompresses and executes e-mail attachment files automatically, saving individual users a small amount of time per e-mail message, but creating a huge security risk, which at the time of this writing is still a fundamental flaw in the software [12].

- The Ideology of Ease

06-okt-2000 21:21 asjo
The Norwegian browser "Opera" is now available in version 4.0b1 for Linux - the webpage has a nice list of known problems, the last of which is:

It crashes now and then, and there is a memory leak problem

At least they're honest about it! :-)

So far it looks quite good! There are a lot of annoying beta-things:

  • Cardinal sin:The "Back"-button isn't located to the far left of the toolbar - I keep hitting "New"!!
  • Doesn't remember windows-size
  • Doesn't remember wich toolbars are turned on and off
  • Forgets other parts of preferences.
  • Can't set bookmark to a file://-url
  • Turning on cache in memory crashes
  • What's up with that window-in-window-thing?!
  • Isn't very good at Javascript (I think, try the D-A-D Chat - it works nicely on Opera/Windows)

Other than that, it looks good. I'm using the version that has QT statically linked in, since I don't have QT installed (don't need it for anything but Opera) on Debian, for which Opera Software proveded a package - cool!

This change was posted from Opera!

06-okt-2000 17:57 asjo
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