Consumerism gone mad

๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2021-05-29

I managed to break the fingerprint reader on my phone while carrying some book cases.

There is a physical crack across the reader, and the phone said that it was unavailable. After I restarted the phone it stopped complaining, it is now as if the fingerprint reader isn't there.

That's ok, even though it is convenient to unlock the phone and turn on the screen just by touching it.

What is worse is that the battery life has been reduced to something like a third or a fourth.

It should still last a day, so I really shouldn't be that worried about it. But the consumerism deeply embedded in my mind keeps saying "Buy buy buy!" "You can buy a new phone today, if you hurry up!"

I am not proud. So I will try to resist a little longer.

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