clear and reset - but fast #commandline

🕧︎ - 2024-04-28

When working in a terminal emulator the command clear is nice to declutter and still allow scrolling back through old output, and reset is nice to also get rid of the scrollback - eg if you are debugging and don't want to accidentally be confused by old output.

There's one annoying thing though, while clear is almost instant, reset takes a second. Ugh.

From a fediverse post I learned that tput reset does the same thing only without the delay! So I quickly made a symlink from ~/bin/reset pointing to /usr/bin/tput and now reset is instant - at least in Sakura.

The latest release of ncurses was yesterday, and the release announcement has this paragraph:

tput and tset

   + add "-v" option to tput, to show warnings
   + modify reset command to avoid altering clocal if the terminal
     uses a modem
   + modify  reset feature to avoid 1-second sleep if running in a

I don't quite understand it, as tput is fast for me, but let's see when ncurses 6.5 rolls into the various operating systems.

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