🕗︎ - 2001-06-17

Some people find that the mozilla.org-graphics are offensive. Some people like them. There's even one who has made a splash-screen in the same design. I think that any good God-fearing McCartyist American should loathe such an image, and it's a shame if the connotations of an evil empire should keep that segment of the userbase from using Mozilla. What to do? Well, I've made another splash-screen for exactly those people. Perhaps the connotations of that image will be offensive to another userbase-segment, but they can just choose the first splash, or create a third or fourth or whatever, and be happy.

Mozilla Splash List

You mustn't write "When you're starting Windows, click on..." you must write "When you're starting the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System, click on..." - more instructions on correct language at Microsoft Denmark.

In XEmacs I can set mouse-yank-at-point to true. I want other programs to have that options to (Mozilla, mainly). Is it possible?

ORBS is dead, but other initiatives spring from the ashes like phoenixen, of of them is Danish: ORDB.

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