C-433 -> P3-800 #hardware

๐Ÿ•ž๏ธŽ - 2001-07-28

The last month or so the trusty old Celeron 433 processor has begun to feel a little slow. I'm not sure whether the AMD-processors still (ever?) require a larger-than-normal powersupply, so I went for the easy update: A Pentium 3 800.

(And anyhow: If I bought a new motherboard, I would have to get a new cabinet so I could export the old to the appropriate people).

Easy, I wrote... Well, it took a couple of hours - a bios update and the purchase of a new Slot 1 to Socket 370-converter (apparantly the old one could only supply from 1.8V and up, and the new processor wanted 1.7). Plus they only had the EB type processor that apparantly requires PC-133 RAM - but since I wanted to buy some RAM anyway, that worked out as well.

It should feel quite a bit quicker. I haven't noticed much yet; though Mozilla does seem a little snappier :-)

MacOS X.1 in september:

"...you can also set your desktop theme to a slide show of the images in your Pictures folder; the slide show automatically fades each photo into the next. It's a slick effect, though not as crucial as other improvements."


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