Buying fans #hardware

🕛︎ - 2008-03-18

Some weeks ago, just before leaving for FOSDEM'08, my closet-server virgil started to act up. I quickly turned on the cabinet-fan that came with the cabinet to make sure the machine didn't overheat, making a mental note to buy a fan that made less noise when I came home.

I finally ordered a Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 from CoolerKit.dk (swift shipping and quick email replies, recommended).

When the package arrived, I realized that I must have outgrown the market-segment for that kind of gear: The box included two pieces of complimentary chewing gum, a piece of "Shake" and "Funny".

I distinctly remember buying such bubble-gum when I was in school, to see what all the hubbub (pun intended (another type was called Hubba Bubba, I think)) was about, deciding it wasn't fun (pun intented) at all.

But that was... probably around 20 years ago.

The new fan makes as much noise as the no name fan that came with the cabinet and the disks run slightly warmer, so I am not really convinced by the fancy design of the Sharkoon fan.

I wonder if it would help if I cut out the perforated part of the cabinet that the fan is located by?

I also bought a Silent Eagle 1000 which runs at half the rotations per minute, so I may give that a try to reduce the noise. I guess the temperature will go up, though. 51°C is a little on the high side, even for a modern SATA harddisk, right?

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