Building logrotation into your logging library #programming

๐Ÿ•—๏ธŽ - 2023-04-13

.... don't. Just. Don't.

Instead: reopen any open logfiles if you receive a SIGHUP, and let programs like logrotate take care of the rotation.

This is regardless of whether you're a Java library, a Haskell one, or something else.

And never, ever, just don't, rotate the logfile on startup.

If you are running tail -f on the log file while restarting the service and get no feedback, you've been hit by this bad behaviour. Argh.

(Yes, you can use -F but you shouldn't have to. Just sayin'.)

In case you are using something that logs to stdout and doesn't reopen on SIGHUP, timestampit is your friend - just pipe the output through it, and bob's your uncle.

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