Broken glass, interfaces, stuff

🕤︎ - 2005-05-08

The theory of broken windows is something that can be applied very easily to programming. Anyone who has written anything slightly larger than tiny with or without anyone else contributing probably has felt it. Probably physically.

Easy to understand Interface criteria by Rusty Russel of Linux networking/kernel fame.

"DOAP is a project to create an [XML]/RDF vocabulary to describe open source projects" - I wonder what it would be used for?

"Rather than adding more and more features for the mythical "power user", or swing to the other end of the spectrum and dumb-down the interface for the mythical "average user", smart developers are learning that good defaults and elegant interface design makes software better for everyone to use, regardless of their level of experience."
- The Rise of Interface Elegance in Open Source Software; yay!

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