Borrowing songs at the library #music

๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2004-09-11

The libraries in Copenhagen have a service where its citizens can borrow songs by downloading them[1].

There are 36120 tracks available, distributed on 2571 albums. Among those are the two first Disneyland After Dark albums and the "It's After Dark"-single[2].

On their frontpage, they display the top 5 most borrowed songs.

The four first are popular Danish songs released this year and in heavy radio-airplay on the national radio.

The fifth is "Isn't that wild" by D.A.D.


[1] Yes, it's a proprietray Microsoft-only deal with so-called "Digital Rights Management", meaning that the file stops working after 1 or 7 days. Unless you extract the audio, that is. The major recordcompanies are involved, what did you expect in Denmark? [2] D.A.D Special is there as well, but does it count, really?

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