Beautiful day #Overground

๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 1999-12-19

salon.com has horoscopes for geeks... Does anyone still believe in astrology and the stars?

Garry Trudeau - of Doonesbury fame (the most important source of information about the US!) - has written an article in the Washington Post about Charles M. Schulz' influence..

LinuxCare has an interview with Richard M. Stallman. More focus on programming and technology than on shooting guns. Thank you.

Of course, Steve Wozniak is on the net :-) (And his site uses frames too. Yikes). Oh, and he links to a site that describes how to install Debian on a Mac SE/30!

Why is/was South Park so hot? It's an animated version of Full House, only with more cursing!? Why do all those series always have at least one political correct lesson cut out in cardboard for the viewers? Do they really think that children are that stupid? I've only seen three episodes, so maybe that's why I don't get it?

"It's when a pat on the back becomes a slap in your face now
Don't look back just helpyourselfish
And when your friends begin to lose their way
Don't look back just helpyourselfish
Yeah, it's easy to be hard, if we got everything now
Don't look back just helpyourselfish
Through the revolving doors on someone elses push
Yeah it's easy to be hard. Easy to be hard..."


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