At night #Coop

🕑︎ - 2000-10-01

Last night when I couldn't fall asleep I went for a walk. A person looked liked he was talking to me, so I took of my headphones. He asked me, in English, where the nearest place he could get a beer was. I wasn't quite sure, but since he insisted on the nearest place I pointed him down the street I was walking too, remembering seeing a sleazy kind of place down there on a corner. He couldn't sleep because of a loud party close to where he stayed, so he figured he'd go grab a beer.

So while we were walking he asked me why there was so many people walking the streets at night - in his country, there weren't. I'd never thought of that, so the only explanation I could whip up was that they couldn't drive when they were drunk... In his country drunk-driving was illegal to - of course - but people just broke the law... They do here too (I forgot to explain the age-gap here - younger people tend to think of drunk-driving as something you just don't do, where older people tend to think that it will be okay...)

After a little while I got curious and asked what country he was from - since he mentioned his country twice, I thought it was okay to ask - he was from Kenya. I connect two things with Kenya: The "Danish" 800m athlete Wilson Kipketer and the awful religion-exam in highschool. So I definately had to talk about Kipketer. He knew him of course, and we agreed that it was silly to call him "Danish" when he was born and raised in Kenya. (And I forgot to ask how the correct way to pronounce "Kipketer" is...)

More observations he did: When seeing a sign for "Lån&Spar Bank" he guessed that you could borrow money there - and I explained the "Spar"-part of the name. We quickly agreed that you probably needed a little more than your pretty face to walk in and get a loan (I wonder if that's true... could René Toft Simonsen please go try? Thank you). And then he determined that cars must be very expensive in Denmark. I'm not sure if the concluded that by looking at the many old cars or if that was related to the walking, but we did agree that Swedes were luckier with their car-factories, and I explained about the 180% tax we've got in Denmark.

Then we reached a square where I told him to go left, and I went right. Have a nice evening!

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