Another night of bookmarks... #Coop

🕝︎ - 2000-08-09

Of course the US Army has a glitzy homepage. Think about being the designer on that one. Actually, you could have a lot of fun. Dead bodies, nuclear bombs, all sorts of things.

Ooooh, the Hawaii-branch has pictures of fit instructors with a leg in the air. Whee-hee. Now I want to learn how to kill, mame, mutilate and annihilate the enemy!

The US military has it merits though - you can listen to the "master clock announcer", telling us what time it is. I think the correct technical term here is: "neat".

Sorry, Pal, You Never Get Any Mail. Oh.

Webdesign from a Library-viewpoint: Web Design and Sin by Leo Robert Klein. Interesting. The steadfast rules are used primarily to avoid having to go through the same line of reasoning and argumentation with newbies - at least that's what I use them for. That way one doesn't have to reason for hours with someone, one can just point to a figure of some (perhaps elusive) position.

With <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/" title="They're building a monster!"Mozilla, you get user style sheets! I'm not using any yet, but it sounds like a handy thing. Perhaps. How would I know?! I think I would like to be able to have those on a per site basis.. Hmm.

Astounding Websites - maybe some of them are worth stealing ideas from? Maybe!

Whoa! Beck was born on the 8th of July at 11:59PM! (In 1970, but who's counting?). Cosmic weirdness.

"The thing which is so interesting about him, is his voice, it is deeper and more powerful than any death metal singer could hope their voice to be. With this almighty voice, Heino sometimes sings children's lullabies, which must scare the pants off any 5 year old." - the Beck-faq is fun!

More: "Odelay is really "órale" a spanish slang term for Right On! The original title for Lord Only Knows was in fact, órale, but the engineer wrote it down wrong as "odelay." Turned out, Beck dug it and chose it for the album title."!!

Bongload Custom Records. You better believe it. Elliot Smith, L7, Eels, Beck and more

The story of the Loser video. With storyboard-pictures.

""LOSER" becomes the ONLY song on an indie label to achieve Billboard top ten chart status since the birth of FM radio. Doing this as a 12" vinyl single in the age of CD's.". Yeah.

Penguins in South Africa (Peter, Pamela and Percy - sounds more like muppets!) are being tracked at sea!

And the last one: SPECweb99 results.

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