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๐Ÿ•ž๏ธŽ - 2001-04-27

The BOWGO (patent pending (of course)) is a spin-off from a robotics project at Carnegie-Mellon University. Jumpin' ge-hosifer! (Or something ;-)) :-)

When you put up a "secure" computer for people to try and hack, you'd better be careful - someone might take up the challenge and actually break in...

In a similar vein: If you want to teach people about compression and information by making a public challenge, you had better state the rules of the challenge clearly - in particular you have to be very careful when someone who wants to accept the challenge asks you clarifying questions!

IBM goes grafitti! That goes to show that each and every subculture at some point or another surfaces in the mainstream.

A Dane says he's invented a brand new thing nobody has ever done before: The VIR-CD. The concept seems to amount to just an open link-website a la Yahoo, without the human filtering, (the website isn't there yet) and a recommendation for file-naming (put "VIR" somewhere in the filename) and meta-data (put your URL in the MP3-author-field, and similar for other media). Looks like he's conned a lot of Danish media into buying his story - one wonders if he himself really believes he has invented something new, or if it's just a media-hoax to generate publicity for his music and person.

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