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🕠︎ - 2001-05-12

There is something poetic about having a Michala Petri record next to a Petter cd...

The Economist on the recent speech of Craig Mundie, Microsoft chief software strategist, on/against open source: An open and shut case. Also: Richard M. Stallman and Eben Moglens response. Update: Ahh, Bruce Perens wrote a response signed by some of the familiar names. Divided we stand, united we fall. Cool.

The DNA Lounge is getting closer to re-opening!

My website was recently visited by a Danish crawler, from META-Spider DK...NR.1. A very interesting project. The founder might want to hire a spellchecker with some of the first money that starts pouring in :-) (He also made the worlds first 3D portal with voice-chat!)

"Let's Make Unix Not Suck".

Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing: Chapter 12: Database Management Systems. Philip Greenspun seems to like tcl quite a bit. When I looked at it, I didn't. Perhaps that was because I started by using it with tk to build a user-interface? Perhaps it's just not as suited to the tasks I need to solve. Interesting, though, ArsDigita and the guide.

IBM's developerWorks has a small article comparing PHP, Perl and Java. Not very in-depth, unfortunately.

SlashDot story about an article comparing PHP, ColdFusion(?!), JSP and ASP at ZDNet.

Maybe I should have used VNC on a single floppy instead of making that <a href="/archive/2001/02/20-03-06.html" title=""X-terminal" assembled...">makeshift x-terminal?

Tripping over this: why linux sucks reminds me immensely of this article: Evolution Of A Linux User.

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