🕥︎ - 2003-12-07

Collecting pictures of funny church signs - finally a hobby with meaning.

Nice pictures at Jimmy Squid's Weapons.

More about daylight savings time than you ever knew you wanted to know. Or not.

How to get large things that can be split into small, boring chunks done: The Value of Tiny Tasks.

One-wheeled wonder from hell. Whoa.

Must-read-sometime: FORM submission and i18n - Ad-hoc tutorial-ish notes.

Making CPAN tests and modules better: Phalanx.

Making elaborate hover-thingamajings.

Pretty dropdown menus using the standards, just add some JavaScript for MSIE.

Funky tabs; also standards compliant.

Mozile: Mozilla editor project.

How to be able to run multiple versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer on the same Windows-installation.

"About Us" -- Presenting Information About an Organization on Its Website - more short and clear-cut opinions from a business-perspective.

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