๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2000-04-10

When the Danish Phonecompany, Tele Danmark started selling fast ADSL internet connections, a lot of us were severely handicapped - we had to use Windows to use the connection. Fortunately that problem was solved by Linux-hackers and everything is bliss. Now that Windows 2000 is out, hardcore Windows users are angry with Tele Danmark for not providing drivers for Windows 2000, only for Windows 98 (and NT 4 I think). If they had been using a free operating system, there would never have been such a problem for long - people would just have ported the old drivers to the new version of the operating system. But since they are using a closed, proprietary operating system, they are forced to wait for Efficient Networks, the company that makes the card and the Windows drivers, to release drivers. Oh, the irony :-)

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