28 days - uh, that's a long time, uh, we've better make'em laugh... #Coop

🕧︎ - 2000-07-05

Just saw '28 days' with Sandra Bullock, and it was surprisingly good! It was actually quite a serious film about a woman trying to come to terms with and stop her alcohol abuse. Nice theme, good acting and good points(and no violence/sex/dying-people scenes).

But(!) it seems that no one (at least no Americans) think it possible to make a serious film without putting someone in it who is acting so ridiculous that the audience has something to laugh at. (As if the quality of a film is measured by how much it makes you laugh) And this time, as so many times before, the 'funny-person' is a charicature of a homosexual with yellow hair wearing ugly clothes and bursting into sobs at any time while speaking a silly German-like accent.

Yuk. No wonder so many people have so many prejudices about homosexuals. Why can't we laugh at something funny instead of making fun of other people?

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