Choosing what program to open what file; mailcap.order #debian

Configuring what program to use to open what file is quite straight forward: Edit /etc/mailcap.order, run update-mime.

Only problem is, when I did that, I got:

  Warning: package evince listed in /etc/mailcap.order does not have mailcap entries.

The man-page for mailcap.order helpfully says: "Remember that this files [sic] takes package names and not executable names."

But, the command "evince" comes in the package called "evince", so I assumed the "package name" was "evince". That holds for "eog", which comes in the package "eog", and is also a GNOME application, as far as I know, and which update-mime doesn't complain about.

Oh well, strace -e openat to the rescue, and - hey presto - it turns out the "package name" for evince is "org.gnome.Evince". I plopped that into mailcap.order, and now Bob's my uncle. Nice to know.

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