XMonad 0.13 released #haskell #x

XMonad 0.13 has been released - and it includes a fix for the bug where window borders would be transparent for windows that use RGBA color scheme (such as the terminal emulator Sakura).

Xmonad logo I started trying to fix the bug more than a year ago, but my Haskell skills weren't up to finishing the job. Fortunately Peter J. Jones jumped in and did the rest!

In 2013 I lamented not being able to switch to XMonad. What happened in the meantime is that I got a high resolution laptop and switched at home. After some months I switched at work as well, and now I'm very happy with it. The most important thing in making the switch was that I bound going to the previous/next workspace to super-z and super-x, which I find quite convenient.

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