DR1 and DR2

The two Danish national television channels DR1 and DR2 follows the lead of most newspapers, and puts "Lorem Ipsum" up there.

Apparently this is what it looks like if you haven't installed Macromedias proprietary flash-plugin.


Re: DR1 and DR2

Yesterday I sent an e-mail about it to the people responsible for the new dr.dk - sadly nothing has happened yet. Even if you DO have the flash-plugin you see the Lorem ipsum shortly while the flash i loading. That's not very professional, and unfortunately only one of many minor 'bugs' on the new dr.dk

By the way, you should see how the brand new DR webCMS (based on a Microsoft CMS) works. I've seen a short introduction and I'm truly scared. I wake up screaming every night realizing that some day soon I actually have to use that CMS. I'm sure a lot of complaints about it will find thier way to my own weblog.


Re: DR1 and DR2

Relying on Macromedia Flash at all seems quite unprofessional. But at least the page isn't just white with a "You need yet another proprietary plugin" or some similarly snarky message.

By the way: How did the designers come up with the baby-brown colour, I wonder?

I assume that Microsoft CMS is the best of breed, given that Microsoft is a large software-company with thousands of bright employees...

Re: DR1 and DR2

Also: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/designmistakes.html

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