The Universe

When the universe has problems with parallel parking, maybe it should follow this course on Brown University?

The Force, it turns out, is an inherited, genetic trait. If you don't have the blood, you don't get the Force. Which makes the Jedi not a democratic militia, but a royalist Swiss guard.

And an arrogant royalist Swiss guard, at that. With one or two notable exceptions, the Jedi we meet in Star Wars are full of themselves. They ignore the counsel of others (often with terrible consequences), and seem honestly to believe that they are at the center of the universe.
- The Case for the Empire.

How Google Groups got their stuff.

Freshmeat: Linux Clustering Software.

The Ten Commandments for C Programmers.

When Macs go bad...

The pen is dangerous!

Don't you just long for the good old days? System 6 in different flavours.

Final Scratch - will it turn your world apart?

Tips for Netscape 6 & 7.

Posters from the World Wars.

LEGO DAT-tape loader. I just need a DAT-backup thingamajing now!

This must be the clocks for the real men: build a tube clock!

Irreverent acronyms.

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