I'm an alien

Lisp as an Alternative to Java - yes, an excuse to learn lisp ((())) instead java ...!

Web Pages aren't Printed on Paper.

Advanced CSS Layouts: Step by Step - get with it.

Practical CSS Layout - tips, tricks & techniques.

"Why don't we build some medieval siege-engines and throw stuff around?" Indeed, why not.

A Lego-robot that solves Rubics cube. Man, I could have used one of those, say, 15 years ago. Instead I removed the stickers and put them back on...

Creating and Using XML-Based Internal Documents?

"You live in Denmark? Which one?"

WSDL - Web Services Description Language - news at Infolets.

Trafiklinks - whois makes you think, right?

Got too many afternoons unbooked? Read The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow :-)

Cookie Collection Project - using cookies.

No longer slashdotted; goot time to visit: Exhibition of High Speed Photography.

use Perl;

Linux on the New York Stock Exchange.

Old versions of KMail barfs after second number 1000000000 since "epoch".


The CEO is a monkey and the managers eat worms. I want to work there.

Working their asses off...

Windows, Windows Everywhere.


Elvin is Content Based Messaging.

Paint The Moon - remember Zorglub?

Top Five Tips for Online Community - hey, didn't he write a book about that?

A new sound.

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