B&O again...

I just received an unsolicited mass-email from B&O. I have registered on their website to post a question, so instead of SpamCopping them, I was polite and replied to the email asking them to take me off their list immediately. The reply bounced. Sigh.

Sad news: Johnny Cash Hospitalized.

A History of TrueType.

A fun story from when the dot-coms were boomin' in the US: "I See Dancing Beans.

A good place to steal birthday-information.

OpenFX - 3D stuff under the GPL; hopefully soon ported to a Free Operating System...

Eidola seems to be about programming in a new way. "Visual Programming Language" - but the website sports no pretty pictures(?!)

The W3 Consortium strikes again, this time critizising browsers for misbehaving (or helping browsers improve, depending on your point-of-view): Common User Agents Problems.

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