Tick-tock what a clock!

Clocks that exploit the anatomy of our eyes: "The Propeller", "Fantazein", "Analog & Digital propeller clock", the concept generalized: "ROPOD" and finally, with games: "Virtual game system".

Weird gadget: Sony Vaio PCG-GT1.

Cool gadget: Handspring Visor Prism.

Gamespy has an interview with Gary Gygax of D&D fame. We used to be very amused reading his name and trying to imagine how a man with such an unusual name looked like. The, otherwise rather dull, interview has a picture.

When you think you done it all: try skydiving from space!

Did I already post the link to the Lego Desk?

Thought your computer was spaced out way cool? Some of these might prove you wrong.

How to handle Jehovas Witnesses by Ben Cantrick.

A brief story of jwz.

Scott McCloud explains how he uses trails in online comics.

I leave you with this story about how scary school is.


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