Star Wars Lego

The Star Wars movies reenacted in Lego? You thought it didn't exist? Well, a japanese enthusiast has done it, created "Lego Star Wars Trilogy"!

Now we're at it, there is a Star Wars "ASCIImation"-site too. (The applet doesn't work in my browser, so if it's fun or not, I can't tell :-/)

R35 has an interview with Jeffrey Zeldman of, amongst other things, WaSP-fame. In related news, he and the mozillaZine author has their differences. Yay.

"Some flowers they never bloom, but some flowers just bloom dead".

I feel dizzy.

If you haven't had enough of the US-elections yet - here's a ficus running for congres. And of course Duke2000 is always ready for another round.

Painting is a form of magic.

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