Whoops... and roll #observation

Went skateboarding in the nice springweather today. At one point the pavement is full of people up ahead, so I check the bikepath, no bikes, okay I'll just go there. Unfortunately there was 4-5 rows of rough stones between the nice tiles of pavement and the asphalt where the bikes usually go, and I didn't go "lightly" enough over them. So the skateboard and my feet take a radically different path than the rest of my body do. As I hit the ground my hands start to hurt and I think "roll" and so I do - but only once, since my head otherwise would be too near the pavement stone-separator.

The top of my watch popped off but luckily the skateboard landed besides me. The people that walked by asked "Didn't that hurt?" and I replied "Uh, yeah, a little". Another one asked if I was okay, and since I had already checked that I only had very small bruises on the left hand I replied: "Nah, I'm used to it" (I'm not, but I didn't think there was any reason to say I wasn't..). The parade of people included some kids too, and they had to ask two or three times if it hurt, and every time I just said: "Yeah, a little". "A little", because if I hadn't rolled, I would have had bloody palms, so it could have been much worse.

I like the fact that you actually have time to react even when you know that you're going to crash now..

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